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The difference between antivirus and internet security

Both antivirus and internet security are tools used to protect internet users from malicious internet programs. However, internet security is a more advanced tool than the antivirus. An antivirus is a software that is used to secure internet users from malicious internet programs; it doesn’t include a firewall and has both paid and free versions. The user cannot control the software and it offers security against viruses, worms, etc. However, internet security is broader than the antivirus. It offers security against viruses, cyber-attacks, internet threat, etc. You can read about online security service reviews on uk.collected.reviews to know more about internet security and which companies to patronize. It is also costlier and has user configuration options. However, both tools are useful as they offer almost impenetrable protection against internet issues. Here are tips for securing your dealings on the internet:

Always visit safe websites and lock your computer

Not all websites are secure; only websites which use the Hypertext … Read the rest

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